With customers being exposed to so much information, we create animated videos that cut through the clutter and help you to communicate your brand more successfully.


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Our animation videos provide a means to convey complex information about products or services to a diverse audience, in an easy to understand and interesting way.

They are also excellent for advertising campaigns or delivering professional presentations.

Similarly these videos are also a great way to communicate with the employees in your organisation.

They provide a powerful means to connect about products, processes and strategy in an immediately accessible and understandable way. Helping to keep your staff up to date with recent events or changes.

We use a combination of development tools and techniques to create our high impact videos at affordable rates.

They are able to reach audiences through various platforms, which makes them readily and easily accessible.

We create three types of animations. The first type is simple Whiteboard (or doodle) animations, and are the most cost-effective way to communicate your message. Have you ever found yourself staring at someone sketching or painting? These animations have the same captivating effect. The second type is excellent for businesses that want to advertise to consumers or communicate with their staff (hence the name). They combine the same gravitational effect as the Whiteboard, with the extra splash of color and detail. The third type – Video Animation, uses filmed video to create professional animations. They are great for high impact advertising or a means to enhance those all important presentations. This is a  more expensive option, but as the you saying goes “You get what you pay for”.


You can view some of our videos below.